Prepare for Pairs 1.3

The latest version of Pairs (1.3) has just been submitted to the App Store and will be available late October 2015. Since that’s also the time around Halloween, we’ve packed a nice “Fear & Horror” card pack to the bunch.  … Continue Reading →

Watch the Development Preview of “Pairs” 1.3

Enjoy a quick tour through the latest update of “Pairs”, the timeless card matching classic. Version 1.3 was turned upside down and is now sitting on an entirely different foundation, allowing more sophisticated animations and effects. Still under development is… Continue Reading →

“That memory game” gets remastered: How to drive App Store Sales

It’s incredible how much you learn just by doing. And as you evolve, so must your products. After delivering an extensive update for Leaving Earth, it’s (again) time to take a few steps back and look at the rather popular memory… Continue Reading →

Watch the official App Preview of Leaving Earth 2.0

A happy, squirrelly game like Leaving Earth needs a happy, squirrelly trailer, don’t you think?

Leaving Earth opens its in-App Store

After finally finding a few weeks time to make progress on the latest Leaving Earth update, I’m proud to announce that version 2.0 will, for the very first time, give you the opportunity to customize and upgrade your rocket ship… Continue Reading →

Take a peek at Leaving Earth 2.0 beta 1

» Follow-up: Leaving Earth opens its in-App Store The biggest Leaving Earth update ever is well underway. After two weeks of development it’s time to let you take a peek at the progress, including an all-new map design, graphics and… Continue Reading →

The next three weeks will be spent on the update of  Leaving Earth, a game having a lot of room to build around it. I’ve already worked on it over the last two weeks, and there already are some sweet screenshots waiting… Continue Reading →

Presenting “match me” Localization Results

The localized version of match me is now in the stores for about a month, which is sufficient time for me to draw conclusions about the impact of translating. As reported earlier, central Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is the… Continue Reading →

Localization done right

This post is going to show you how you can find the most suitable languages to translate to, and how to do it by example. How to choose proper languages If you’re an indie dev with a tight budget, you… Continue Reading →

How to make a lite version of your app supporting iAd

If you intend to fashion a lite version of your existing app, scraping off some pro features and adding iAd, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is going to show you how to split an existing project… Continue Reading →

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