How to make a lite version of your app supporting iAd

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If you intend to fashion a lite version of your existing app, scraping off some pro features and adding iAd, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is going to show you how to split an existing project into two versions using Xcode, and how to properly integrate iAd. As example I’ll be […]

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Crucial patch is on its way [Leaving Earth 1.1.1 + iOS 7.1]

UPDATE: Version 1.0.1 of Leaving Earth Lite has already been released and is ready for download. To every user who downloaded Leaving Earth 1.1.1 or the Lite version 1.0, has iOS 7.1 installed and is now wondering why those stars are so damn hard to gather: it’s not intentional. With the new iOS update, physics […]

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Leaving Earth goes lite

Leaving Earth is by far my most popular app – and its full potential is not even exploited yet. To give users the opportunity of checking out Leaving Earth before buying it and to draw a much bigger crowd, I decided to fashion a little lite version. The app differs from the full version in […]

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Leaving Earth Video Review by Monster Mobile

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The new video review by Monster Mobile is out, rated with 4.5/5 monsters. Let’s get ready to start our engines and blast off in to outer space in this out of this world game, Leaving Earth. In Leaving Earth your goal is to travel from planet to planet while avoiding asteroids built with great controls […]

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Stroop effect based game Color Rush gets a facelift

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The psychological mind-training game Color Rush finally shows its new face for iOS7. Much experience gained from previous projects flowed into the process. After days of work it’s safe to say that the product now meets our continuously rising standards again, featuring a simplified User Interface and game board. The main menu on iPhone was completely […]

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How to improve App Store presentation: A memory classic gets polished

The timeless card game match me has drawn quite a lot of nostalgic gamers since its introduction in April. Now it seems about time to tweak the app and see how the market will react to it. Constant product evolvement is necessary to ensure high quality and to communicate to the customer that you’re actually […]

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How to crack the freemium treasure chest

It can be a blessing and a curse, doing it right or wrong. Only 2-3% of all apps offer in-App purchases while being free, yet they are responsible for two thirds of the overall App Store revenue. This blog post analyzes how the concept is ticking and how you’ll be able to make it work. […]

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Screenshots of Leaving Earth v1.1 revealed

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 08.42.02

This is a follow-up story of Leaving Earth Update to support iCloud and Social Sharing. Version 1.1 of Leaving Earth will hit the stores next week. To give you little foretaste, here are the latest screenshots presenting the game in its best light.

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Leaving Earth Update to support iCloud and Social Sharing


  You’ll get what you asked for: The next update of Leaving Earth features sharing buttons and progress sync via iCloud. Social sharing will support Twitter and Facebook, making it ridiculously  easy to brag about your top scores. The buttons will slide in after having reached a new planet, provide some initial text and even attach a screenshot […]

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The First Step towards Freemium

Freemium has been around for quite some time now. It makes a lot of sense, too: Get it for free, but only spend money if you really like it. Realizing that Leaving Earth offers the opportunity to be expanded in various directions, users will be able to choose between custom upgrades regarding rocket ship and gameplay however […]

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